More Treasure Hunt Adventures

On October 31, I went on a Treasure Hunt along with Chi Alpha. Prior to the event, I felt God’s strong call to obey Him. I had been walking in my own attempts at “righteousness” and hadn’t been obeying Him; now God was testing my faith by calling me to Treasure Hunt.

The basic idea of Treasure Hunt is that God gives us access to His thoughts because we have His Spirit, so we pray and ask God to show us people, places, clues etc. where He would like us to be, and we follow Him and ask people if they need prayer. We split off into groups based on whether we had matches among what God showed us–for example, if God showed Tresidder to multiple people, they would have a match. Adrienne and I had a match of the color purple, and I think Adrienne and Eyasu might have had a match also; we went as a group of three.

Along the way we saw people wearing purple hats, and later purple shirts. We were a bit hesitant, but we asked the people in purple shirts why they were here and found out they were here for a Latin convention that was going on. We asked if they were looking for anything and they said no. After a while I asked a few of the boys if they needed prayer for anything and they said that they would like prayer for life in general, so I prayed for God’s purpose in their lives and for them to find joy in that. Then I left and we moved on.

At Main Quad, where we felt led to go, we saw a girl with a red bandana sitting among several other high school girls. Earlier I had received the clue of a red bandana, so we went to talk with them. (The girl with the red bandana was the one who talked to us first actually!) As it turned out, they were juniors from a local Catholic high school coming to attend the convention, and they asked us for advice about college and such things, which Adrienne happily gave. They are in a stressful time right now–junior year of high school. We asked if they would like prayer and they responded eagerly, telling us about a tough paper they were facing. At first, we were just going to pray off to the side, but then Adrienne asked the girls if they wanted to join us. Soon all of us were standing in a circle holding hands in prayer, and it was quite beautiful.
One area we went to was the bookstore area. We saw people from a cult on the grass, and I remembered from my dad’s experience that it was indeed a cult. I told Adrienne and Eyasu, and we circled the grass in prayer, to break the darkness. Then Eyasu remembered that during our initial prayer time, he had received the verse Psalm 2:9. Now we saw that God had wanted to use this verse to break the powers of darkness, and we declared it over the field. Indeed, God uses us to break the darkness; He can continue to use us to do so.

Another incident that occurred is that Eyasu received the clue of a clock from God. We visited the clocktower, where Adrienne saw a girl doing work, and felt led to talk to her, but didn’t immediately do so. Later, we came back and asked the girl if she was busy. She said she was, and though we offered prayer, she did not want it because she was a strong Buddhist. Nevertheless, we prayed for her when we left, that the bonds of Buddhism might be broken in her life, and that she might come to know Christ.

For a while we were looking for an Asian female with yellow sunglasses, a picture Adrienne received from God. I felt led to look in the middle of Main Quad. However, we did not find her, and left.

Later, after the treasure hunt, I decided to go back to Main Quad to look for the woman with yellow sunglasses. I waited for a while, then got a nosebleed (but fortunately found a napkin on the ground, and later a stockpile of napkins on a table). At that point I decided to go back to my dorm. As I entered the lounge, I started engaging in conversation with another individual in Chi Alpha. He opened up to me about a lot of things in his life and where God was leading him presently, and we prayed about these things. God was gracious in allowing this to happen; it was totally unexpected, and now I can continue to pray for him.

(I hope and pray that I wouldn’t turn my back on Him, now that I’ve seen what He’s done. He’s been good, and is perfect in righteousness…)

-Suzy, Class of 2019

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