About this site

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11

     This site was created for the purpose of chronicling the events and occurrences of God’s manifest grace in the lives of those who attend Stanford University. The testimonies contained on this site are the first-hand accounts of their experiences written in their own words. However, this is not a site primarily for those who believe in God, or even confess Jesus Christ as Lord.

     As much as we hope this site encourages and strengthens those who believe in Jesus, we also hope this may serve as credible evidence to ALL people (from those seeking out truth, to those struggling with what to believe in, to those who may not believe at all, for lack of proof) that God is not only real but because of His love has, does, and will intervene in the lives of those He cares for the most, i.e., everyone.

     May these words testify to the abounding love of the God, who sent His son, Jesus Christ, to reconcile humanity with Himself. May these words magnify Jesus Christ, whose life set the standard and whose death bought redemption for a fallen world. And may these words glorify Holy Spirit, through whom EVERYONE can encounter a greater measure of God’s reality and truth.

     Again, the testimonies recorded on this site were written by Stanford students and not only illustrate that God moves in the lives of people on this campus, but are presented as sincere and indelible evidence that Jesus Christ is indeed…alive.