Prayer for Peace

At fall retreat, we ate dinner at a pizza parlor. On our way out, I felt the Lord nudging me to turn around.  I turned around and saw a girl bussing our table.  I felt the Lord asking me to pray for her.  I went up to her and asked her if she needed prayer for anything.  She told me she actually did and that it was the anniversary of her brother’s death and that this was a really hard time for her.  I was then able to pray with her and draw upon my peace and ask for the peace of the Lord to be given to her.  Later during the retreat, we attended a church that one of our leaders attends when she is in the area, and I gave a testimony of what happened.  It turns out the grandmother of the girl’s boyfriend attended the church and was praying for them.  She had been praying for them to be impacted by the Lord and she was very thankful that I had prayed with her.

-Adrienne, Class of 2016

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