Healing Through the Blood

Four weeks into fall term of my freshman year, I suddenly came down with a high fever. After weathering through a math exam, I basically just wanted to stay in my dorm room and cry. I went to Vaden and tested positive for mono, and it also turned out that I had pneumonia and a sinus infection at the same time. I was told to expect symptoms for 4-8 weeks.

After about a week of resting in my room and trying to make it to my most important classes, I finally felt well enough to come to Chi Alpha, where Dr. Susan prayed over me. Within a couple days, my fever had gone away completely and I ceased having body aches and chills. A couple days later, all I had left was a minor lingering cough. Keep in mind that the doctors had predicted severe symptoms for at least another 3 weeks afterward. In short, my symptoms of mono had virtually vanished.

Soon after, I got a curious email from Vaden. They had kept a sample of my blood on their shelf. For some reason they tested the sample again — the same sample that had tested positive for mono a week earlier — and they were shocked to find no trace of virus at all!

In other words, not only did God heal me of mono, He erased all traces of the mono virus from my blood completely — even the from the blood sample sitting on the lab shelf!

-Isaac, Class of 2019

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